We love oil. But only good oil

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The Ariosto experience can also be enjoyed in the pan, when the recipe calls for some hearty frying. And the quality of the frying depends not only on preparation but also the ingredients. As we very well know. So whether it’s a cutlet alla milanese, chicken thighs, ascolana olives or much besides, Ariosto created Impan, the best helper for every cook. Breading with Impan is simple and fast. Because a good oil deserves good breadcrumbs, eggs and selected flour. Simple and genuine ingredients, in the finest Italian tradition.

Ariosto IMPAN ready-to-use Breadcrumb Mix

Ariosto ready-to-use Breadcrumb Mix with egg means golden, light and digestible fried food. It’s excellent for classic breaded cutlets, ideal for breaded fish fillets and vegetables. It’s also used in restaurants for arancini, mussels au gratin, chicken cutlets, valdostana cutlets, mozzarella in carrozza and classic breaded sole. Ready and easy to use in the oven too, it absorbs little oil and doesn’t contains preservatives.

Ingredients: breadcrumbs, powdered egg (8%), flavouring.